Friday, 27 April 2012

The Underrated Source of Everything!

"Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination,we forget the journey"

With so much ado about the journey being better than the destination..and everyone striving to reach their many of us wonder about the underrated source ?

Is it just as forgotten as it is in the old saying..that no one really wonders about how it all began,what led to its inception..somehow it is all about the journey or the destination..the traveller with his tales..did he ever say what made him start.. and led to his travels..and I dont mean the thought process or how it struck him..just the trigger that made him get up and get out..that moment suspended in time when you made a path setting decision..and then promptly forgot what made you do it...nope not the thoughts,rather the act,thats what you let go of!

This seemingly uncaring way of being is a waste of some really special information,that elusive "something" which made u act! So you were thinking about something..maybe as inconsequential as asking someone out!..and then that "something" happened and you actually did it..u had your beautiful journey ,took it as it came..and then it changed..did you look back on your "something" and re-live your journey from there on,only to realise how you got to your present? Maybe it could have set the process to improve the present situation,if not then maybe suggest a new thought process,the beginning of yet another journey maybe?

So why not build a new strategy,whenever you are stuck in a muddle and you don't know how to get out of it,look back to what got you there.Remember the trigger and then relive it..and let it set the trend for some new inspiration!

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