Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Back to School @ Indian School of Business

This one is dedicated to a new beginning ...

Its been more than a month since my ISB journey started. And what a month of contrasts it has been !!!

Studying instead of reading...Lecture videos instead of movie trailers on YouTube ..Turning ON the AC in Hyderabad instead of Turning OFF the fan in Bangalore

Lack of sleep...lack of food and the most damaging...lack of a monthly salary !

But the spirit of the Software Engineer lives on..thriving on coffee and pizzas ...battling daily deadlines of economics and away for a quick ice cream between 2 meetings...bantering and bickering with the team...meeting people...jamming and partying...though assignments and problem sets and problem packs and projects and case studies and quizzes and examinations !

All in a day's work at ISB.