Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ColdFusion IceBreaker #5: JBOSS 7.1 and OpenOffice for ColdFusion cfdocument

In JBOSS7.1 , there have been major changes in the class loading behaviour of applications .Due to this we need to make a few changes to use ColdFusion's cfdocument and other OpenOffice features.Class loading is based on modules,with each module having its module.xml in which one can specify dependencies on the other modules using the <dependencies> element.

To support OpenOffice with JBOSS7.1 for cfdocument, you need to:
1)Install OpenOffice and add the installation path in the ColdFusion Admin
2)Edit the module.xml located in <JBOSS_HOME>/modules/sun/jdk/main and put the following entry there:
<path name="com/sun/star/lib/loader"/>
3)Start JBOSS with the following flag in the standalone.bat/
(':' for unix based machines and ';' in windows)

The <dependecies> element can be used to specify dependencies on the paths and packages  from the class loader which loaded JBoss Modules.These can in turn be specified for re-exported if specified using the <export> element.The <path> element is used here to list the paths.

Adding the oosdk package to the java.ext.dir ensures that the classes of that package can be found and loaded without them being on the actual class path.

One need not add the individual jars to the JBOSS classpath or the java classpath

Click here  for MAC OSX specific instructions. These just make life easier :D.

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