Tuesday, 5 February 2013

ColdFusion IceBreaker #8 : ColdFusion 32 bit or 64 bit ???

So what happens when you take over an existing ColdFusion installation and want to update it ?
Or something doesn't work and you want to verify if its "supposed" to work for a particular bit version???

Its a bit typical to check whether ColdFusion was installed in its 32bit or 64 bit flavor,particularly if you were not the one who installed it

Here are a few ways to detect the current bit version of your installed ColdFusion server

1)Use your install logs

Open the install log (Adobe_ColdFusion_X_xxxxx(optional for 9)_InstallLog.log.
It will contain the following information:
-java.version :  This is the version of the Java used in the installer.Might not necessarily match your system's java version
-java.vm.name : Observe this carefully .If its a 64bit install ,this value will mention 64 Eg: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM' .If its a 32 bit install there wont be any such mention Eg: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM
Instead of "Server" it might say "Client' depending on installation,but that is irrelevant for judging whether its a 32bit or a 64 bit install
-os.arch : This explicitly states x86 for 32 bit install and x64 for 64 bit install

2)Use java -version

Goto <ColdFusion-Home>/runtimr/jre/bin
Give java.exe -version
You should be able to see java version,runtime environment and the java vm name

N.B. The Java information in Administrator->System information reflects the java that CF is using as opposedto the java that the installer used,so don't count on it


  1. Just the scenario I was in and the answer proved to be spot on (referring to the java.vm.name). Thanks!

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