Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ColdFusion IceBreaker #7 : Unprotect your protected PDF through CF

Protecting your PDF with a password is a common everyday use case .
Using ColdFusion this can be done in a single easy step.

But sometimes we need to programmatically de-crypt/un-protect the same PDF.
There can be various ways of accomplishing this feat,but again ColdFusion makes it easy and a single step process

The trick to get to the treat ( the un-protected pdf , in this case ) is to use cfpdf tag and set your encyption to none using the "encrypt" attribute. You can do so only if you have the owner password , as technically only the document owner should have the permissions to change the security settings of a document

So assuming your PDF is called MyPdf.pdf with a owner password of "changesettings",use the below mentioned code to remove password protection from your PDF

<cfpdf action="protect" source="MyPdf.pdf" destination="MyUnsafePdf.pdf" 
password="changesettings" encrypt="none" />

Open MyUnsafePdf.pdf and you have your pdf without password protection

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  1. Password security is a joke. I’ve been an IT contractor for over a dozen different companies on variant projects and the way that employees share with relate disregard for security protocol is scary. I’m surprised more companies don’t get hacked into. They all need to start using a serious password manager like PasswordWrench yesterday.