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ColdFusion IceBreaker #3: Configuring Websphere Application Server (WAS) with OpenOffice to support ColdFusion (CF) tagcfdocument

Configuring Websphere Application Server (WAS) with OpenOffice to support ColdFusion (CF) tag cfdocument.

Websphere Application Server (WAS)  is considered a fairly typical application sever considering its complex topology and various flavours.
This post is in continuation to the previous one which spoke of OpenOffice Configuration on JBOSS on Lion
Here I shall detail how to configure the same in Websphere Application Server 7.0 ND  (WAS) using IBM HTTP Server as the web sever.

The process is rather simple if you consider the amount of time and effort taken on other servers

1)Goto WAS Integrated Console
2)Goto Servers->Websphere Application Servers->server1
server1 is the default websphere application server created for a profile.Please use the the server on which you have deployed your ColdFusion Zeus application.For my purpose,I have used server1 and have deployed my ColdFusion ear on this server.
3)Click server1
4)On the Configuration tab of server1 , look for Java and Process Management.This can be found under Server Infrastructre section.Click "Java and Process Management"
5)Click "Process definition " from the Java and Process Management sub section
6)On the Configuration tab , look for Additional Properties.Under Additional Properties , you will  find a Java Virtual Machine link.Click it.
7)Place your links in Classpath text box using semi colon as the delimiter.For Example :

C:\<was -deployement-directory>\AppServer\profiles\<profile-name>\installedApps\<cell-name>\Adobe_ColdFusion_Zeus.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\oosdk\lib\juh.jar; C:\<was -deployement-directory>\AppServer\profiles\<profile-name>\installedApps\<cell-name> \Adobe_ColdFusion_Zeus.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\oosdk\lib\jurt.jar C:\<was -deployement-directory>\AppServer\profiles\<profile-name>\installedApps\<cell-name> \Adobe_ColdFusion_Zeus.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\oosdk\lib\ridl.jar; C:\<was -deployement-directory>\AppServer\profiles\<profile-name>\installedApps\<cell-name> \Adobe_ColdFusion_Zeus.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\oosdk\lib\unoil.jar; C:\<was -deployement-directory>\AppServer\profiles\<profile-name>\installedApps\<cell-name> \Adobe_ColdFusion_Zeus.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\oosdk\classes

8)Restart your WAS server and you are good to go

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