Saturday, 5 November 2011

A new Cam-on !!!

So I bought myself a camera,to celebrate the onstart of the weekend
(and other celebratory events which I shall mention when I get to them ;) )
And considering it was Day1 with Camera 1, here are a few of the pics that I managed to save
from all the junk I clicked throughout the day ;)

These may not be my best,but theyr the first from the new cam

Even though I love #Adobe and its products, Iv left my pics absolutely untouched.
Maybe the future...maybe...

Featuring :
a heavily overcast Bangalore with glum natural lighting to begin with,
an essentially basic 18-55mm as my gear,
Brigade Road the muse,
and heavy rains the spoilsport !
So here goes !!!!

On a rightfully patriotic note...PIC 1
Bangalore warned us on Friday what Saturday was going to be like!

The beauty of a large window,green trees and a wide angle lens..

One of the tricks I picked up from one of the many articles I devour haha !!!

Overexposed ,yet irrestible !!!

One of the many stunning artifacts one finds in the countless antique shops on Brigade Road !!

The glamour of the unknown ....

The beauty of the blurr...

Where oriental and indian fares divide the palates in quarters ;)
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  1. good pics...nice first handson with camera...
    1 thing missing..---which camera?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Pramod..Its a Canon..

  4. gud work ! esp for first day work u deserve a BRAVO! :)

  5. @perfectionadjusted : Thank u thank u...:D