Saturday, 17 September 2011

It all begins with...

One facet too how I think of myself..

Which makes one wonder what to write about..with multitude of thoughts and experiences...crests and troughs...a dynamic whirlpool of being..

To give expression to which one, or rather ones ,of those mental intentional elaboration to some select seemingly ethereal yet potentially pathbreaking ideas..

All while still maintaining that there is beauty in brevity !!!  :)

I ,for one, dont believe in setting limits...when you dont know how high to jump,you surprise yourself  and touch the sky..and thats the 'toe-no-line' attitude the posts are going to follow...unboxed and diverse...contemporary and traditional...and for the photography initiated..wide angled and long focussed  :)

A lot like me really...

A toast to the world of words !!

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