Monday, 30 March 2015

Cloud Tech 101

“It went up, it went up to the cloud”
“You can’t get it down from the cloud?”

“Nobody understands the cloud, it’s a ****ing mystery.”

... says Cameron Diaz ! Well, here is something that should help !

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Mobile App Review: CultureAlley's English App

Listed by Economic Times as one of the 15 hot startups to watch out for in 2015, CultureAlley brings to the market a unique B2C proposition - A Hindi based English Learning App.

With well crafted modules starting from spelling names to incrementally building expertise in grammar and vocabulary, English App is a class apart from several other Edutainment  based mobile apps.

Strategic Analysis: With only 10% of the Indian population currently speaking English and a growing need for innovative language learning techniques,CultureAlley's English App fits right into the space of making learning entertaining. The app begins with the user spelling his or her name and then carefully leads the user through various levels of learning English. Several other startups in the space like Rosetta Stone, LearnEnglish Grammar, Duolingo etc. each come with their own unique points of differentiation in the edu-tech space, but English App has a competitive edge ,having incorporated several unique techniques together.

PODs: Several unique feature that make the English App fun to use are :

  • Gamification: Well designed games like Cutting Chai are conceptually right on the spot given the target audience and not only help keep the user engaged but also make learning fun.
  • Superior UI/UX: The app is very user friendly and also includes commonly used English words in Hindi ("continue","next") etc. The color tone is fresh and as the lessons progress, navigation and screen flow is seamless.
  • FB/Wiki Integration: The app allows the user to link his/her FB newsfeed and get translation highlights for the key words. This inclusion of the social aspect is one of the most attractive and innovative features of the app.
  • Audio-Visuals: It sure helps to hear each word out loud.And the app scores rather well there. Each new module has some crisp AVs that make things easy for the learner.
  • Help at Hand and Tutor Notifications: Timely assignments from the tutor and online chat facility keep the learner engaged and motivated.   
Revenue Model: Freemium + Ads

Started in Dec 2014, English App is well loved by the investors and by the users as well.